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Harm Reduction in Philadelphia: Remembering Shane & Inviting Volunteers to Join Our Mission

Remembering Shane Catlett, he was a true believer in harm reduction. His passion for the cause was evident in every conversation, brimming with ideas and eager to contribute through his personal experiences. Working with Shane was both inspiring and a powerful reminder of the impact we strive for. His spirit and dedication to our mission continue to motivate me. Shane was the first person to volunteer his skills to TN Scientific, and his commitment deeply moved me, reinforcing my resolve to push harder in harm reduction efforts. Let’s work together to make a difference.

TN Scientific volunteering in harm reduction in Kensington, Philadelphia. We found Xylazine in 100% of the fentanyl samples tested there. This place needs a lot of help. At this time it is the largest open-air drug market in the world. If we can make an impact here we can make it anywhere.

If anyone is interested in volunteering in this field, please contact me. Believing in and supporting harm reduction can turn into a career before you know it.

I've also included a picture of the lab boys who hold it down at our headquarters in Knoxville while I go out volunteering. At the time I think Shane was temporarily working at the lab too and it really really really sucks to see him go.

To anyone in Tennessee: you can get FREE harm reduction tools like Narcan and TN Scientific Fentanyl Test Strips at any TN health department or harm reduction organization. Don't guess, drug test... please.

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