Worried About Fentanyl?

You should be! Fentanyl is extremely hard to detect and DEADLY.

From 2015 to 2017, our society saw a 55% increase in the rate of fatal drug overdoses, resulting in the highest number of overdose deaths since systematic reporting began in 2000*.
Toxicology data has proven this dramatic increase attributable to the deadly opioid, fentanyl. 

In 2017, more than 28,000 deaths involving synthetic opioids*.

Because of the immense dangers of Fentanyl, TN Scientific is taking action to help save lives with our Fentanyl Test Strips. 

It can be very difficult to test drugs for Fentanyl using only our TN Scientific Reagent Drug Test Kits. Out of eight reagents, we only have two that detect Fentanyl. Due to the large variety of reactions these reagents can have to substances, it can prove to be near impossible to tell if certain drugs have Fentanyl in it (see the short article below for more information). 

This is why we at TN Scientific have found it necessary to include the option to add a Fentanyl Test Strip with each Reagent Drug Test Kit order. 

If you're not interested in purchasing a Drug Test Kit, you can also buy our Fentanyl Test Strips individually or in a bundle. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.





2 Test Strips: $12.99 ($6.49 Each)

3 Test Strips: $15.99 ($5.33 Each)

5 Test Strips: $20.99 ($4.20 Each) Niccce

10 Test Strips: $38.99 ($3.89 Each)

20 Test Strips: $59.99 ($2.99 Each)

50 Test Strips: $99.99 ($1.99 Each)

100 Test Strips: $149.99 ($1.49 Each)

 Reagent Drug Test Kits & Fentanyl

Only TWO of our eight available TN Scientific's Reagent Drug Test Kits test for Fentanyl, and it is incredibly hard to detect even using these two Drug Test Kits. 

Why is it so hard to detect? 

Let's explain this with an example. If you're testing MDMA (Molly, Ecstasy) with our TN Scientific Marquis Reagent, MDMA will turn a very dark blue to black. If there's Fentanyl present in your sample of MDMA, it will turn yellow to dark orange-brown. In conclusion, if there's fentanyl present in your MDMA sample, it'll be relatively impossible to detect since the reaction color for MDMA is so much darker than that of Fentanyl. 

Reagent Drug Test Kits are designed to react to a LOT, which means their capability of detecting Fentanyl is not the best. Just like how we recommend using multiple Reagent Drug Test Kits to test your drugs to find out exactly what you're taking, we also recommend throwing in a TN scientific Fentanyl Test Strip into the mix. Because even if your Marquis Reagent tells you it's MDMA, it doesn't mean it's free of Fentanyl. 

This is exactly why we've included the option to add a TN Scientific Fentanyl Test Strip with every purchase of a TN Scientific Reagent Drug Test Kit at a reduced price.

If you don't want to purchase one of our Reagent Drug Test Kits, you can just buy single or multiple Fentanyl Test Strips here. 

Mega Bundle & Fentanyl Test Strips


One TN Scientific Reagent Drug Test Kit can do the job, but we never use just one. Multiple test kits are necessary for a complete and safe testing experience. We offer small bundles, but this is our Mega Bundle! Want to be even safer? Add one of TN Scientific Fentanyl Test Strips! 

If you purchase our TN Scientific Reagent Drug Test Kits individually the total price would come out to $161.91. 

However, through this discounted bundle we've put together, we're going to drop the price to $91.99!

It's lit.

(All of our Reagent Drug Test Kit Bundles come with the corresponding color charts.) 



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