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Limited time launch SALE!  You send it, we test it.

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FTIR Sample Analysis Service

Our FTIR testing service is priced at $200 (Launch Special) for the first sample, and $100 (Launch Special) for each additional sample from the same order.


TN Scientific is excited to announce the limited beta launch of our FTIR testing service, which utilizes Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy to provide valuable insights into the chemical composition and structure of a wide variety of materials. FTIR testing is a powerful analytical technique used to determine the chemical composition of a sample by passing infrared radiation through it and measuring the amount of energy absorbed at different frequencies. This information is then used to identify the chemical bonds present in the sample and determine its chemical structure.


We have an extensive reference library of substances that we use for comparison during FTIR testing. This library includes a full list of the substances we have available, along with download links so that you can search for a particular substance.

With TN Scientific's FTIR testing service, you can be confident that your samples will be compared against a wide range of known substances, allowing us to identify even the most complex mixtures.

If you need a sample that is not in our existing library you can contact us and we can source an analytical reference sample for additional cost.

How to submit a sample?

Start by reading and filling out the submission form.

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Get a lab report for 1 sample analyisis 

Multiple reports for multiple samples.

For your convenience.

Sample Library

Our refrence sample library

We can match these FTIR Spectras

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Obscure sample sourcing

We don't have it? Maybe we can get it.

FTIR Studies

FTIR Studies


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Whats next?

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