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Reagent Color Charts

Reagent Drug Testing Kits

Explore TN Scientific reagent drug testing color charts, where we feature detailed color reactions for 15 different substances (except for the Morris reagent, which shows 4). Our gradient color bars represent reactions over time, from 0 seconds to 60 minutes, although the actual reaction times may vary by 5 minutes or so. We meticulously crafted these color gradients by recording real reactions, then using a specific color match tool in Photoshop, followed by manual adjustments to ensure accurate representation.


While reagents can react with a multitude of substances, we only guarantee the reactions displayed on our color charts, as they were created using our process. For reactions not listed, online resources may provide some guidance, but keep in mind that inconsistencies in color reactions may exist, and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Nonetheless, in most cases, these sources can offer a helpful starting point for understanding how reagents interact with various substances.

2023 BZD Color Chart copy.png
2023 Liebermann Color Chart copy.png
2023 Marquis Color Chart copy.png
2023 Morris Color Chart copy.png
2023 Simon's Color Chart copy.png
2023 Ehrlich Color Chart copy.png
2023 Mandelin Color Chart copy.png
2023 Hofmann Color Chart copy.png
2023 Scott's Color Chart copy.png
2023 Mecke Color Chart copy.png
2024 Froehde Color Chart copy.png
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