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Consistency and Precision in Multi-Substance Detection: A Comprehensive FTIR Study by TN Scientific

I. Introduction

At TN Scientific, we focus on the consistency and precision of drug testing. Our latest study investigates the capabilities of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) in detecting multiple substances within a drug sample. We used two sets of samples, designated as Sample A and Sample B, with each sample containing an equal mix of 10mg of various substances. Match scores, ranging from 0 to 1000, with 1000 indicating a perfect match, were assigned based on the FTIR's ability to detect and position substances in alignment with our substance library.

II. Methodology

Our drug sample analysis involved conducting three independent FTIR tests on three different samples derived from Sample A. Each test assigned a match score and position to the identified substances. For Sample B, a single test was conducted, showcasing the precision of our advanced drug testing system.

III. Results

The test scores and match positions for Sample A from our FTIR tests were as follows:

Test 1

Substance 1: 832 (position 1)

Substance 2: 697 (position 2)

Substance 3: 629 (position 9)

Substance 4: 626 (position 13)

Test 2

Substance 1: 844 (position 1)

Substance 2: 665 (position 4)

Substance 3: 634 (position 8)

Substance 4: 670 (position 3)

Test 3

Substance 1: 842 (position 1)

Substance 2: 643 (position 2)

Substance 3: 622 (position 5)

Substance 4: 692 (position 13)

For Sample B, the results were as follows:

Test 1

Substance 1: 789 (position 1)

Substance 2: 735 (position 2)

Substance 3: 723 (position 3)

Substance 4: 693 (position 4)

IV. Discussion

Our FTIR test results demonstrated a notable level of detection accuracy in multi-substance detection, even in samples with complex compositions. The same substances yielded different match scores, depending on the sample composition, highlighting the nuanced capability of our advanced drug testing system.

V. Conclusion

In conclusion, our study underscores the FTIR's ability to consistently identify and position multiple substances within a single sample. Its performance in these tests affirms a high degree of reliability and sophistication, crucial in complex drug testing scenarios. Continued research at TN Scientific is aimed to further enhance the precision and consistency of our drug testing processes.

VI. Supplemental Materials

To provide a comprehensive understanding of our findings, the spectrographs corresponding to these tests will be included at the end of this study. Due to their size and detailed nature, the spectrographs are provided separately but they offer a visual representation of our results. These additional materials will allow those reviewing the study the opportunity for direct observation and interpretation of the results. We recommend referencing these spectrographs to gain a complete understanding of our testing process and outcomes.

Sample A

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Sample B

Test 1

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