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Supporting Never Use Alone: A Partnership for Life

At TN Scientific, we believe in the power of collaboration, especially when it comes to saving lives. One of our most valued partnerships has been with Never Use Alone (NUA), a dedicated non-profit that provides a critical lifeline to individuals using drugs alone. Today, we take a moment to spotlight their incredible work and our collaborative efforts to enhance harm reduction.

A Partnership Born from Shared Goals

Our connection with Never Use Alone began with an ambitious idea—to donate a location in Nashville for their operations. Although this initial plan didn’t materialize, it laid the foundation for a robust partnership based on mutual respect and shared objectives. Mike, the founder of Never Use Alone, and I quickly realized that while we couldn't collaborate on physical space, there were many other ways we could support each other.

Aiding Through Resources and Visibility

TN Scientific has been actively involved in supplying harm reduction tools, such as fentanyl and xylazine test strips, to various organizations in Nashville. When Never Use Alone reached out for assistance, we were able to guide them to the right resources, ensuring that they had access to essential testing kits for their community outreach. This direct support helps empower their mission and enables them to provide life-saving services to those most at risk.

Amplifying Impact Through Digital Presence

Recognizing the power of visibility, we placed Never Use Alone front and center on the TN Scientific website. By featuring them prominently on our homepage, we aimed not only to inform our visitors about NUA’s vital services but also to boost their SEO and online presence. This strategic placement has significantly increased their exposure, driving more traffic to their initiatives and amplifying their life-saving message.

Transitioning to a Broader Platform

Having been a fixture on our homepage for an extended period, it’s now time to archive this chapter in our blog section. This move will allow us to rotate new non-profit partners into the spotlight while continuing to honor Never Use Alone’s contributions through our archived content. This approach ensures that while new stories are told, the legacy and impact of our partners remain accessible and celebrated.


Our journey with Never Use Alone is a testament to how strategic partnerships can amplify harm reduction efforts and create a larger safety net for those in need. As we transition their feature to our blog, we invite you to dive deeper into the stories of resilience and support that define our community.

Visit Never Use Alone’s website to learn more about their services or explore our blogs for more stories of impact and collaboration.

Together, we continue to strive for a safer tomorrow.

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