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Validation of TN Scientific's Xylazine & Xylazine/Fentanyl strips for Harm Reduction Applications

Experiment Date: 8/28/2023 Conducted by: TN Scientific Sample Used:


Xylazine, a dangerous adulterant found in drugs, poses serious health risks. This study aims to validate the effectiveness of TN Scientific's xylazine and xylazine/fentanyl combo test strips for harm reduction purposes.


Solutions were formulated with 5 ml of water and distinct concentrations of xylazine: 10 mg (as specified by TN Scientific's instructions), 0.5 mg, and 0.1 mg. A control solution containing only 5 ml of water was also prepared. These solutions were subjected to testing using both TN Scientific's specialized xylazine test strips and TN Scientific's combination xylazine/fentanyl test strips.

TN Scientific Xylazine Test Strip used in study for detecting xylazine in solutions, conducted on 8/28/2023.

TN Scientific Xylazine/Fentanyl Combo Test Strip in action, demonstrating effectiveness in xylazine detection study.


All tested concentrations yielded a positive result for the presence of xylazine, confirming that the test strips are sensitive and accurate across varying levels of xylazine concentration.


TN Scientific's xylazine test strips successfully detected xylazine across all tested concentrations, validating their efficacy for harm reduction applications. Future studies are recommended to evaluate the strips' performance in complex mixtures such as cocaine, where false positives have been a concern.

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