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Great Times At Lost Lands

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Author: Anonymous

I bought the Reagent Drug Test Kit with the intention of using it at Lost Lands (a 3-day music festival).

I wasn’t sure exactly what substances my friends and I would all be doing, but numerous other friends of mine had recommended testing to me. Generally, I would like to believe that every dealer I have ever bought something from has given me that substance and only that substance, but it is important to realize that it does not always happen in reality and the consequences can be fatal. While I may trust the person I am directly buying my drugs from, I do not know who they got it from or where it was made, which may be where those dangerous elements arise. I do not personally know anyone who has faced severe consequences from an incident involving drugs, but one can never be too careful when doing hard drugs.

In the end, I brought the reagent test with me into the festival to make sure I would be able to test whatever we decided to take.

The bottle of reagent and vial for the testing substance is very small and conveniently packaged so I was able to inconspicuously bring them in my bag. After buying ecstasy (MDMA) from a dealer at the festival, my friend and I sat down on a grassy spot in the corner of the festival to test the substance.

For anyone who may not know, ecstasy or molly comes in the form of white crystals which can be crushed to form a

powder. The information card with the testing kit was very helpful in specifying how much of the substance to isolate for testing (roughly the size of *).

However, isolating that amount of the powdered substance proved to be very difficult, given that any extra would be essentially wasted. Almost immediately after applying the reagent to the sample, the substance fizzed and turned dark blue/black on the top while the rest of the vial turned yellow. I was worried about something like that happening since there is no way to tell if certain reactions are due to more than one substance. Since the information card listed codeine and oxycodone as the yellow reactions and the yellow section gradually turned dark as well, I decided the powder was safe to consume.

Thankfully, everything went according to plan, and my friends and I did not have negative reactions to the drugs. I am very glad I decided to test the substances beforehand though, it gives me peace of mind and some personal security when doing such illicit substances. And it is pretty likely that I will find myself in a similar scenario again, so the reagent test will help me keep myself and my friends as safe as we can be.

| TN Scientific's Reagent Drug Test Kits are here just for this! Make sure to always know what you're taking. Buy a single reagent, or buy a bundle at a discounted price to get a more thorough test. Life is priceless, so test before you ingest! |

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