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Girl At Burning Man

Author: Anonymous

MDMA, or something else?

The wind whipped outside my cramped green and brown plastic shelter; stains littered the floor, and the only shelf in the room sat at an off-angle, pitched forward, and definitely not flat.

The thrum of bass lines echoed around me, as distant voices yelled through crackly megaphones. And at this moment I rested. I was in a porta-potty, at burning man, 2010. I had just been given a handful of small capsules by a gorgeous (and equally unkempt) woman, whose pupils were as large as her generous heart.

It's not often I need a drug test kit, but that day I did.

I stood, hunched over, and watched using an old headlamp waiting for the reagent to turn. Imagine my surprise to see a distinct and unexpected green tint. I still don't know what she gave me, but I'm damn thankful I checked.

That night could have gone very differently if I were less prepared.

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