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Essential Oils: Eucalyptus

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Native to Australia, Eucalyptus trees are used in medicinal practices since Aboriginal times.

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The leaves are dried, crushed, and distilled to create Eucalyptus oil. This oil's healing properties can help congestion, clear up a cough, and even help keep the bugs away!

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The Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus trees, often called Eucalypts and gum trees, dominate Australia's landscape. With more than 800 species of Eucalypts, these trees make up 3/4 of Australia's forests.

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More tropical species grow north of the continent. The rainbow gum tree can be found in New Guinea, the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, and the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. The white gum tree can be found in the country of Timor in Southeast Asia.

Fossil discoveries of leaf and fruit imprints date Eucalypts to be around 52 million years old. These fossils show evidence that the Eucalypts have evolutionary roots in Gondwana, from when Australia was still connected to Antarctica.

Eucalypts are a type of evergreen, meaning their leaves are thick, leathery, and tough due to lignin. These leaves do not readily wilt and can survive extraordinarily hot and dry conditions. A Eucalypts' bark is smooth and fibrous. Under this bark, buds of leaves and flowers live safely. During times of wildfires, these trees have adapted to sprout even under the harshest of conditions. In other areas, where wildfires are not as prevalent, these trees tend to be flammable due to their oils.

The flower buds of Eucalypts don't have traditional petals, instead just many stamens. The operculum is a cap that covers the flower while budding, acting as petals. It prevents the internal flower from insects and drying out.

Eucalyptus oil is obtained by harvesting the thick leaves, drying them out, crushing them, and then distilling into the oil. This oil can be used for a myriad of benefits.

Properties of Eucalyptus Oil

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Eucalyptus oil is an analgesic, meaning it can relieve pain. It's also an antiseptic, deodorant, vermifuge (anti-parasitic), and expectorant (cough repellent).

Eucalyptus oil has a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

Similar to menthol and peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil is known to give a boost of energy. It can assist those with depression and lethargy in this way.TN Scientific uses Eucalyptus oil in our BUMP Inhalers to give you that much-needed boost of energy at a show or festival, during your workout, or throughout your ordinary day!

Uses & Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil was used since ancient times by Australian natives or Aborigines. It was considered a "cure-all" and mainly used for chest congestion, fevers, and to help heal wounds

Apply a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to your neck, chest, and throat to clear your cough and chest congestion. You can also put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil into your essential oil diffuser!

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Dilute Eucalyptus oil with water and put it into a spray bottle for a great all-natural DIY bug spray! Store-bought bug repellents are loaded with chemicals and irritants. Avoid those, and use Eucalyptus oil instead.

To disinfect wounds, prevent infections, and treat minor burns, dilute some Eucalyptus oil and apply it to your wound. There are also many creams and ointments you can buy that include Eucalyptus oil for its pain-relieving properties.

Another use for its pain-relieving properties is for muscle aches and pains. Use Eucalyptus oil as a massage oil and rub it deep into the skin around your irritated muscles for relief.

Eucalyptus oil is known to help respiratory problems such as asthma and sinusitis. Add the oil to a hot bowl of water, put a towel over your head, and lean over for nice, Eucalyptus-smelling steam.

Preliminary evidence shows that Eucalyptus may help control low blood sugar! It's currently being researched as a diabetes treatment for our future.

Use Eucalyptus oil to soothe your cold sores. Up to 90% of people in the world have some type of HSV, such as cold sores. Use Eucalyptus oil to relieve the burning, itching, irritated skin. Apply to the sore and let Eucalyptus' anti-inflammatory work their magic!

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Freshen your breath with this all-natural oil. It's antibacterial, meaning it will kill the germs in your mouth while freshening your breath with its great smell. Mouthwash and toothpaste usually contain some Eucalyptus as their main active ingredient.

Eucalyptus is an all-natural energy booster! That sharp burst of energy you get from inhaling Eucalyptus is precisely why TN Scientific has included it in the BUMP Inhaler formula.


Natives of Australia first used Eucalyptus trees and their leaves for medicinal properties, and we still do today! By drying and distilling this tree's leaves, you can make oil that comes with many benefits. From getting rid of a nasty cough to DIY bug repellent! Eucalyptus oil can also be used as an energizing supplement.

Use the TN Scientific BUMP Inhaler to get a fresh whiff of amazing Eucalyptus scent and a sharp burst of energy!

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