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Assessing the Efficacy of Antibody Test Strips for Detecting Xylazine at Varying Concentrations

Updated: Aug 16, 2023


Xylazine is a commonly used sedative and analgesic drug in veterinary medicine, but it has also been misused as a drug of abuse in humans. Unfortunately, xylazine has been cut into many substances and frequently been mixed with fentanyl, leading to overdoses that are not reversible by naloxone alone. Therefore, it is crucial to have reliable and accurate methods for detecting xylazine in different samples. In this study, TN Scientific aimed to develop and validate antibody test strips for detecting xylazine at varying concentrations to help address the growing public health crisis.


Antibody test strips were designed and tested for xylazine detection at four different concentrations: 5 ml distilled water, 5 ml water and 5 mg xylazine, 5 ml water and 10 mg xylazine, and 20 mg xylazine. The test strips were chosen to be compatible with TN Scientific's fentanyl test strips, enabling a comprehensive analysis of multiple substances in a given sample.


The antibody test strips were found to be highly effective and reliable in detecting xylazine at different concentrations. All positive results showed only one line for the presence of the drug, while the negative control showed two lines. The results were consistent across all four concentrations tested, indicating the strips were capable of accurately detecting xylazine at low and high concentrations.


The antibody test strips developed in this study provide a reliable and accurate method for detecting xylazine at multiple concentrations. The ability to detect xylazine at low concentrations (5mg) makes them valuable in veterinary medicine, while the ability to detect it at higher concentrations (20mg) can help identify potential drug abuse in humans. The compatibility with fentanyl test strips makes them even more useful, as it allows for a comprehensive analysis of multiple substances in a given sample.


In conclusion, the antibody test strips developed and validated in this study are effective, reliable, and easy-to-use for detecting xylazine in different samples. TN Scientific plans to make these xylazine test strips available for purchase on their website,, providing a convenient and accurate solution for detecting xylazine in various applications. These test strips can contribute to better drug detection and improved public health outcomes.

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