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TN Scientific's Simon's Reagent kit is designed for chemical analysis and safety verification. This kit employs a colorimetric reaction technique, where the reagent changes color upon contact with different substances, allowing for the quick identification of a variety of chemicals. This reaction is key to verifying the presence or absence of certain compounds, making it an invaluable tool for ensuring the safety of substances in educational, research, and safety contexts. 


The kit's effectiveness lies in its straightforward approach to chemical analysis, offering both reliability and rapid results, essential for anyone needing quick verification in a range of settings.




Step 1: Sample Preparation: Place a small sample (about half the size of a grain of rice) on a non-porous surface. For best results, use our recommended test trays or tubes.


Step 2: Applying Reagent Part A: Carefully apply an equal amount of Simon's Part A to the sample.


Step 3: Applying Reagent Part B: Following Part A, apply an equal amount of Simon's Part B to the sample.

Step 4: Observation: Watch for any color change. The reaction between the sample and the reagents should occur without any need for stirring, making the process quick and easy.


For complete instructions and detailed safety data, please visit our safety data page.




Note that the reaction's intensity does not vary with the quantity of the sample. In the presence of multiple reactive agents, color results may blend, which could require additional analysis methods for clarity.




Simon's A & B reagent bottles

Physical color chart

2ml test tube

Storage container

Chemical absorption pad




We value your privacy and ensure discreet packaging with all necessary safety labels. Transactions will be listed as 'TN Supply' on your bank statement.

TN Scientific | Simon's Reagent Drug Testing Kit

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