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TN Scientific's reagent drug testing kit provides a reliable and user-friendly solution for evaluating the relative purity of drugs and substances by detecting common adulterants. Additionally, our reagent test kits are perfect for authenticating samples, ensuring safety, and delivering accurate results.


The Froehde Reagent is a reliable and easy-to-use chemical test that is ideal for identifying a range of substances. This reagent produces a distinct color change when it comes into contact with the tested substance, providing users with a quick and reliable method for detecting the presence or absence of specific substances. The Froehde Reagent is an essential tool for individuals, professionals, and hobbyists alike, ensuring safety, accurate results, and substance authentication.




The strength of the reaction remains consistent regardless of the substance amount. If multiple reactive substances are present, the resulting colors may blend, complicating interpretation. Utilizing a combination of reagents, test strips, and laboratory testing services available on our website allows for a more comprehensive analysis.




Froehde reagent bottle
Physical color chart for each reagent
2ml test tube
Storage container
Chemical absorption pad


Step 1 - Place a small 10 mg sample (or Imagine 100 grains of salt) on a non-porous, white, or clear surface. Highly recommended to use our test trays or test tubes.


Step 2 - Add 1-2 drops of reagent to the sample, avoiding contact with the dropper.


Step 3 - Observe the color change within 0-180 seconds and compare to the color chart.

No physical instructions are included with the kit. Please refer to the instructions and safety data on our website at for proper usage and handling.




We prioritize your privacy with discreet packaging featuring a required hazmat sticker for safe handling. The sender's name and charges on your bank statement will appear as 'TN Supply'.




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TN Scientific | Froehde Reagent Drug Testing Kit w/ Pipette

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