Use TN Scientific FYL AB Testing Strips to test a substance for the presence of FYL. By using this test strip, you will be able to detect up to 200 ng/ml of the substance.


Disclaimer: A negative does not mean that there is no FYL in your substance! FYL can do something called chocolate chipping. Meaning, it may be present in only a small part of your substance and not in the part that you are testing. You must make sure that your substance is completely crushed up and mixed before testing! This is VITAL.


TN Scientific | (FYL) AB Test Strips

  • When using, mix a small amount of your substance into a container or tray that holds a few drops of water. Mix until it dissolves. Then, dip your TN Scientific FYL Testing Strip into the mixture up to the testing line. Through capillary action, the specimen will migrate up towards the testing zone, where you will read your test results. Please consult your instructions or your FYL Testing Strip package to see what your reaction means!

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