Use TN Scientific‘s E1 Reagent Test Kit to test a substance for the presence of common cuts and adulterants. Refer to the color diagram to know exactly what TN Scientific E1 Reagent Test Kit will react to.




By purchasing from us you assume all responsibility and risk of handling these chemicals. It will burn your skin if it gets on you. Reagent Test Kits are highly acidic and can be dangerous if not handled with care.

This product is not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose, any medical issue; it has not been reviewed by the FDA for clinical use including but not limited to use in analyzing serum, urine, or gastric contents as well as the diagnosis and treatment of drug use or overdose of any kind.

TN Scientific Reagent Test Kits are the best method of spot testing a substance, but just because you get a positive test result doesn't mean a substance is 100% safe. A positive reaction could still contain unwanted substances and impurities which can be harmful if consumed.



TN Scientific | E1 Reagent Testing Kit