✅  BOOST ENERGY & MENTAL CLARITY - Aromatherapy nasal inhaler with therapeutic grade essential oils. The refreshing vapors enhance your sensations and help you breathe better, improve mental clarity, and boosts energy levels.


✅  CLEAR SINUSES & CONGESTION - Packed with the power of menthol, peppermint & lavender along with other essential oil blends, our nasal vaporizer helps clear sinus relief leaving you feeling fresh and stimulated. 


✅  SOOTHING NATURAL AROMATIC SCENTS: Cacao, Brown Sugar, Peppermint, Menthol


✅  LONG-LASTING SCENTS & EASY TO USE: These nasal sticks can be used at work, at the gym, or any crowded space where you simply need a bump of a fresh therapeutic whiff.  


 ✅  MADE IN THE USA: Our scents are made of natural blends of essential oils using premium ingredients Made in the USA in certified facilities.




Scientific aromatherapy nasal inhalers are all-natural aromatherapy blends designed to improve your health & wellness by awakening the senses, calming the mind, and promoting relaxation. Designed to harness the essence of plant oils to benefit the mind and body.


Portable and easy to use our nasal inhalers are the most convenient and low-key way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Each blend is specially formulated to improve your physiological and emotional well-being, while also providing refreshing sinus relief among a host of other benefits. 


The Metaphysical BUMPs combine science and spirituality. Paired with a specially chosen stone and a stick of sage, the Metaphysical Bundle will clear your energy and GIVE you energy with its all-natural aromatherapy abilities. 




Cocoa, Peppermint Brown Sugar: relaxation, focus boost, & mint chocolaty goodness.


Tiger's Eye: This stone brings protection and good luck. Focusing the mind, it sharpens your mental clarity and dispels any fear and anxiety. Tiger's Eye promotes self-confidence, purpose, and courage. 


TN Scientific | Metaphysical BUMP - Cocoa, Peppermint, Brown Sugar

  • Step 1 Firmly Grip and twist below perforation line 

    Step 2 Place inhaler slightly in nostrils and inhale for 2-4 seconds.

    Step 3 Repeat with other nostrils, while firmly closing the other nostril.


    Replace cap & Use as Needed.

  • 100% Natural Made with all Natural and Safe Ingredients.

    Tiger's Eye Stone

    Sage Stick