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Let’s talk reagent drug test kits!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

What exactly is a reagent drug test kit?

A reagent drug test kit is a reagent with specific chemical compounds used to break

down the drug or unknown substance you wish to test. Reagent drug test kits can test for foreign substances that may have been cut with a drug that you may not

have known about prior to testing. These drug test kits can be used to show what is actually in your substance and can help prevent, what could be, an unsafe situation.

How do I use my reagent drug test kit?

To start the process of testing you will need a small sample of the substance you wish to test. If testing a powder substance a small amount is all you need, about the size of the eye of a needle. If testing paper ⅛ will do to get results, ¼ for clearer results, and ½ for optimal results.

Once you have the amount you want to test you will follow these simple and easy steps.

1. Place the substance on a ceramic or plastic surface

- With the purchase of a drug test kit from TN Scientific you have the option of buying a ceramic or plastic testing tray for easy use.

2. Remove the lid from the desired reagent bottle.

- WARNING: Be careful not to spill, these chemicals can be harmful to you or other surfaces if not used properly and we at TN Scientific want you to be safe. That is why we recommend if it comes in contact with you, calmly find the nearest place to wash off the contacted area. If the reagent makes contact with a surface, wipe down the area and thoroughly clean the surface, making sure there is no residue left behind.

3. Drop about 1-5 drops onto the substance

4. And now we wait!

- While waiting you can refer to the color chart that came with your TN Scientific reagent bottle. It will show the process of color change for the substance you have tested. Depending on the substance being tested it may show results right away but it could take up to 30 minutes for full results.

5. Wipe down your testing tray or surface you tested your substance on.

- WARNING: After you have tested your substance it is not safe to use once it has come into contact with a reagent, dispose of the tested substance.

When buying reagent drug test kits from TN Scientific each reagent kit comes with instructions on how to test different substances and gives simple steps on the process of testing.

A commonly asked question, why use these reagent drug test kits?

There are many ways to answer this but it can be summed up in two simple words, harm reduction. Whether it is you or someone close to you that uses substances, you want to create the safest environment and prevent, preventable situations. If a substance is tested and it’s not what the user thought it was, the user is going to be more inclined to throw out the substance rather than use it, which in the end, prevents having a bad experience and/or causing serious damage to the user. Reagent drug test kits are designed to educate its users and provide safe and clean fun, not to promote drug usage.

When should I use my reagent drug test kit?

Every time you use or buy a substance. Regardless if you are getting your substances from the same source every time if they are not testing their drugs and their dealer is not testing

their drugs and so on it can turn into a dangerous cycle of not really knowing what you're actually taking because the substances haven’t been tested. It’s very important to test your drugs to reduce unwanted drug usage.

A common example of accidental drug usage would be MDMA being cut with amphetamines, also known as “speed”, or methamphetamines, also known as “ice”. While these substances might be hidden in your MDMA it is impossible to tell just from a surface level but once the drug is taken it can have a much worse effect on the body. The TN Scientific Marquis reagent can test for all three of those substances as well as other common, more fatal drugs cut with MDMA such as fentanyl and heroin.

Situations like this can be avoided by testing your drugs prior to usage.

Fentanyl, the monster lurking around the corner.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used by doctors to help treat patients with extreme pain but like any opioid designed to only be used in a professional setting it has made its way onto the streets and has caused very fatal results. Fentanyl is commonly mixed with things like MDMA, benzos, ketamine, and cocaine and the smallest amount can be the deadliest amount. According to the DEA in their article “Facts about Fentanyl” many pressed pills are being sold with deadly amounts of this drug and moving through the streets. From January 31, 2020 to January 31, 2021 overdoses from synthetic opioid usage rose 55.6%. Most people are unaware when they buy a drug cut with fentanyl and the end results of taking that drug can be less than kind.

TN Scientific recommends if you are testing for fentanyl to use a reagent drug test kit and fentanyl test strips for the most accurate of results.

How can I prevent doing drugs cut with fentanyl?

Well, you’re asking the right questions because do I have a solution for you! Through TN Scientific you can order drug test reagents kits that will test for fentanyl but for even better, clearer results we carry fentanyl test strips which makes testing for fentanyl easy and fast, with results showing within 5-10 minutes.

How to use your TN Scientific fentanyl test strips:

1. Pour 10 mg of the substance you wish to test into a cup

2. Pour 5 ml of water on top of substance

3. Stir for about 30 second to a minute

4. Dip test strip into cup up to the “max” water line and wait about 45 seconds for the liquid to absorb up to where the “FYL” text starts

5. Let dry for 5-10 minutes


1 line: Fentanyl detected

2 lines: No fentanyl

2 faint lines: No fentanyl

How many different reagent drug test kits are there and how can I choose the right ones?

There’s many different types of drug test kits, through TN Scientific you have the option between 10 different reagents, all testing different drugs. This is why at TNScientific we recommend using multiple reagents to avoid any accidental drug intake.

An example of why this could be helpful would be if you were wanting to buy sassafras, a natural occurring drug also known as MDA, a similar substance to MDMA. With the Simons reagent you could test your drug and get no reaction which would indicate you might have MDA and clear that it is not MDMA you were sold but PMA and levamisole also have no reactions with the simons reagent. So yes, it could be MDA but to risk it also being PMA, a drug nicknamed Dr Death, or levamisole, a highly addictive cocaine alternative, would not be worth taking. The next best step in process of elimination would be to use the Marquis reagent drug test kit, if the substance tested turns a dark purple to black you now know it is indeed MDA but if it has no reaction to the marquis reagent you can safely assume it is either PMA or levamisole.

What are some of the different types of reagent drug test kits?


The marquis reagent was first made in 1898 by a man named Eduard Marquis. Through the work of this russian chemist we are now still enjoying his invention today in a world where drugs are a lot more accessible and used more frequently. The Marquis reagent is one of TN Scientific most widely sold reagent drug test kits, testing mainly being used for MDMA.

This reagent can tell you if your drug is cut with more fatal things like amphetamine, methamphetamine, heroin, and fentanyl. The Marquis reagent can also test things like adderall which is a prescribed medication but like with any prescribed medication, it makes its way onto the streets and can be cut with just about anything.


This reagent is used for all your psychedelic needs! In 1906 Paul Ehrlich, a Nobel Prize scientist, began the journey of developing a chemical structure theory. This

theory was worked on for years, even after his death and through his discovery we now have, today, the Ehrlich reagent drug test kits. Ehrlich is a great way to test your psychedelics, LSD, magic mushrooms, psilocybin, DMT. Through this drug test kit you can easily trace if the drugs you are using are some sort of synthetic, highly toxic, psychedelic.


A reagent first discovered by Karl Friedrish Mandelin, this reagent drug test kit

is sold far and wide and can commonly used drugs as in MDMA, ketamine, and cocaine. Through this reagent you can find out if these more frequently used drugs are cut with PMA, aka Dr Death, a drug with similar effects to MDMA but a lot more harmful to the body. This Mandelin reagent can also test for other drugs like 25D-NBOMe, a synthetic psychedelic that has a similar chemical compound to that of 25I-NBOMe which has been linked to many overdoses.

Well, thank you for coming on this journey with me and learning about reagent drug test kits. I hope you've learned something new today and how to go about promoting harm reduction! Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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