Giving Through Reagent Drug Test Kits

TN Scientific strives to help wherever we can. Through our products and projects alike, we want to make a difference!

Our TN Scientific Reagent Drug Test Kits are designed to help save as many lives as possible every day. We also offer superior quality Fentanyl Test Strips to address the epidemic of opioid-laced drug overdoses. 

In the past, we've hosted giveaways for our Reagent Drug Test Kits, and will continue to do so! We don't want to just be a company, we want to be a change. When we give away our product, if we could save just ONE life with that Drug Test Kit, it's made worth it to us. 100%. 


Our most recent giveaway was Mandelin For A Friend!  In each order we included one free extra miniature bottle of our TN Scientific Mandelin Reagent Drug Test, only asking you to: share it with a friend! Sadly, this was a limited time offer. However, if we helped even a single person from ingesting something harmful that they didn't intend to ingest, then our giveaway served its purpose! 

To continue on our quest for Harm Reduction, if we're on location, we are 100% willing to test for free! If you're at a show or festival, that we are also attending, and have a substance you're not sure about, don't be afraid to shoot us a message. If you don't have your own TN Scientific Reagent Drug Test Kit, we won't even make you purchase one, we'll test FOR FREE! Of course, our kits are ALWAYS available for purchase, so if we definitely always recommend getting one of your own! 

Helping Our Community Further


It's always amazing to see that your product legitimately helps others and saves lives. 

However, we want to continue giving in other ways!

That's right, one of our future goals is to set up a Charity Project led by TN Scientific. We're currently in the Research phase of this undertaking, however, we would love to soon Develop our ideas into real projects! 

We're always considering how to help and we'd love your input! If you have an idea or know of a Charity, make sure to contact us either through email or our website contact form.


Thanks for reading!

While you're at it, make sure to use code CHARITY15 at checkout to get 10% off your next order!



Questions? Try asking a question in the form (TN SCIENTIFIC FORUM)! You're always welcome to shoot us a message for any reason. We genuinely enjoy chatting with you guys.

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